Speech of the Dean

Dears, Colleagues      

Staff Members

Employees, Technicians


I would like to express my gratitude to all of , particularly those people whom very keen to do their entitled jobs.

The Faculty administration is designated to create a very positive climate among the different employees of the faculty, in order to enhance the faculty performance in the Libyan Society.


Our faculty is not only a teaching tool, however, it is devoted to serve the society as a consultant for the Libyan authority, particularly in the health service and other tasks which are related to the medicine issue.

As a research centre, working on pharmaceutical sciences approach we are part of the think tank groups needed for the state to solve their problems. And to participate in many committees related to the following tasks:

Drug registration, pharmacoeconomy, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical care, clinical pharmacy, medical analysis, pharmaceutical industry and drug control.

I would like to remind you all that this faculty should always depend up on the team work and avoiding the individual and single work, the team work  leads all the time to a very positive results and great achievements in the education process and research tasks.

Therefore, all of us are asked to participate in a very industrious, hard working attitude, in addition to the ethical and good behavior towards each other and the technical and assistants.

Our Students are also our main responsibility and we must obey the rules of our religion which are every clear, very obvious in such issue.

Dear  colleagues, we are devoted for the respect of each other, respect our administrative, technical and other workers , as everybody is doing his or her job in a good manner and as they are very creative, very enthusiastic and very kind in conducting their tasks.

I wish all the best and I pray to Allah to help us all in doing our best to serve our University and our beloved country.



Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy